AdMedica is a leading digital advertising agency in Egypt, founded in 2013 to connect doctors to their patients using trusted digital advertising and marketing solutions that are creative, efficient, and fully created and revised by our expert team.


Founder’s Word.

Dr.Emad Korayem

I’ve always believed that the healthcare profession is deserving of more than just medical competence and practices. I see it as a very solid and nourishing industry that requires attention in various areas such as marketing, human resources, technology, and modern management.

As a result, AdMedica was founded to help the healthcare industry in expanding its digital advertising and marketing activities, which were developed specifically for healthcare firms of all sizes.
Eight years ago, we carried on this mission, and we are still working on it.

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who is admedica?

AdMedica is a leading digital advertising agency in Egypt, founded in 2013 to connect doctors to their patients using trusted digital advertising and marketing solutions that are creative, efficient, and fully created and revised by our expert team.

For over eight years, we’ve set the standard high for the healthcare digital marketing field thanks to our flexible and adaptable digital advertising solutions, our enthusiasm for creativity combined with analytics, and a highly disciplined execution strategy.

Helping hundreds of doctors, hospitals, clinics, and medical centers in all the healthcare sectors reach their right audience and grow their businesses all over social media platforms.

area we cover

Our head office is in Alexandria, Egypt. AdMedica is a social media advertising agency that focuses on clinics, medical centers, and hospitals all throughout Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and the United States.

why healthcare.

We started AdMedica when we saw the demand for a marketing agency that finds suitable solutions to the specific needs of the Healthcare businesses.

nd that is what we offer by marketing for the healthcare sector
through branding, social media management, and media production services while creatively and effectively closing the gap between doctors and their patients so that they could focus on their practice. We handle the medical content and market research required to make a significant difference in the lives of doctors and patients.

what make
admedica stands out?

First and leading healthcare digital advertising agency in Egypt
(founded in 2013).

Nine years of experience in the field of healthcare social media marketing in Egypt, working with national and international clients from all over the world.

Hundreds of businesses have benefited from the expertise of a team of creatives and marketers who have helped them establish their brands on social media platforms.

Creative-minded content creators and copywriters with bulletproof marketing content and social media plans built on a specific marketing strategy.

High standards of work quality with proven results of social media management.

Very deep knowledge of the healthcare audience.

An understanding of doctor’s and patient’s personas.













Digital Marketing


Graphic Design

Digital Marketing

AdMedica believes that the power of social media can influence consumer behavior and guide patients to specific healthcare facilities. By developing tailored digital marketing strategies for the highest performance results through social media management across all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn, through:

  • Situation analysis.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • Smart objectives.
  • Action plans.
  • Campaign directions.
  • Media planning.


One of the most important steps in the healthcare digital marketing journey is media buying. That allows us to expose your social media campaigns to as many targeted and carefully selected audiences as possible across all platforms. Helping the doctor, clinic, or healthcare facility become more known and seen by the right community and their targeted customers based on digital strategy, client’s tone of voice, and brand persona.

Media Buying team select a mix of social media platforms to place ads over a certain period to achieve social media campaign and strategies goals according to:

  • Media planning.
  • SMART objectives.
  • Target audience.
  • A/B testing.


At AdMedica, we understand that the healthcare audience’s interests are continuously shifting, which is why we use generally static graphic designs and illustrations to develop motion graphics and animation in which the audience is consistently interested and engaged.

Your content will be easily remembered and understood if you use motion graphics, creative scriptwriting, and medical infographics.

We animate a bunch of specialized healthcare content like raising awareness, stating success stories, making complex medical concepts easy for the audience.

Motion graphics, illustrations, and animations are brought to life on screen by our talented motion designers


This is how AdMedica introduces the true brand identity of the healthcare business to the public using consistent colors and visual representations through graphic design and illustrations that highlight our client’s professionalism and position their brand in their customer’s minds by creating:

  • An original Logo.
  • Brand development and guidelines.

This is how AdMedica introduces the true brand identity of the healthcare business to the public using consistent colors and visual representations through graphic design and illustrations that highlight our client’s professionalism and position their brand in their customer’s minds by creating:


Whatever stage your healthcare business is at, you need content that tells your story. Media production helps create visual and audio content that delivers your message and shows your brand to your audience.


We collaborate with clients to create unique photography briefs for each project. From the first steps by creating mood boards to define the style, mood, and photographic techniques that are appropriate for each shot. We have vast experience creating digital and print graphics for a wide range of platforms and formats, from billboards to Instagram posts.


We create high-quality, concept-driven media content for the online platforms and broadcast. As we believe in the power of storytelling in medical content, we do scriptwriting, production, shooting, editing, and publishing.

Graphic Design

Using visual keys and the psychological impact of colors, AdMedica reflects your brand identity by developing creative concepts and graphic designs that help reflect your brand uniqueness to your patients and customers.

Printable designs:

Being a digital agency didn’t limit our marketing services to social media platforms. Your message will be seen, read, and experienced through our printable designs that will meet your needs for flyers, business cards, banners, brochures, patient files, and more.

Digital designs:

We differentiate our clients by coming up with unique and catchy marketing ideas that simplify the difficult concepts of the healthcare industry. To support social media plans and strategies, complete brand-building goals, and create unforgettable online presence for doctors, clinics, and medical businesses; such as social media posts, infographics, and images for websites and blogs, and so on.


At AdMedica, we have a team of creatives specialized and dedicated to writing medical marketing content, scripts, social media campaigns, and media production briefs to generate the best content for your healthcare business.

Producing +500 pieces of content per month via:

  • Deep medical and social media research.
  • Brainstorming.
  • Social media plans.
  • Creating social media campaigns.
  • Medical content writing.
  • Creative direction and visualization of the graphic designs.
  • Optimizing content on different platforms.


See What People are saying…

I have a beautiful long experience with them as I have been their client from the moment the agency was founded. The quality of my social media presence and the marketing for my center, the credit for all of this is due to them and the work and content they have provided me with.

Their work is of the highest quality of creativity and execution. It makes me very proud and gives me a sense of belonging to the agency, as if I am one of their team and a part of their success as much as they are a part of mine. I hope they always stay the best at what they do, the strongest in the field, and the smartest and most aware of the value of what they offer.

Dr. Mohamed Al-Alem

Alem Dental Center

They have been my partner in success since 2013, helping me with every step I take and realizing all my requests and wishes in the most professional way possible.

I personally think this is because AdMedica team has two main strong points; the first is having a very good scientific background, and the second is how much they care for their clients. I have always been pleased with the content and the service they provide me with, and I hope they have the same opinion of me as a client.

Dr. Ahmed El-Messeiry


I have been one of their very first clients, started working with Dr. Emad since 2013 because I loved the idea that the owner of the agency is a doctor himself, his direction is what makes the agency so different because they know how to write actual medical content that is meant for patients and for the society in a professional and not a commercial manner. Thanks AdMedica, I really wish that our partnership lasts for the good.

Dr. Yasser Hamed

Breast Surgeon

We have been working together since 2015 and AdMedica has been getting progressively more successful. Thank you for every success you have helped me with. Thank you for being the best advertising agency in Egypt.

Dr. Islam Salem


I do not see AdMedica as another advertising agency in the field, I see them as a part of my family and a part of my life. They are extremely helpful, I always feel like I am dealing with people that I can count on, people that I know are good at what they do and know exactly how to do it

Dr. Marwa Ibrahim


They have always been hard workers, creative, dependable, respectful, caring, honest, successful and on the top. AdMedica made a big difference, continue and thank you so much.

Dr. Ahmed Nassef

Nassef ENT Center

We have been working with AdMedica for only 6 months but we are really pleased with the results and appreciative to all the effort made to execute such marketing plans, to create the ads, and for the designing and all things related to social media.

Dr. Ayman

Kayan Dental Clinics

AdMedica to me is not a usual service provider, it’s the helpful family that team up with me because they believe that my success is their success. That what you’ll definitely feel with all the support the team there offers. That’s what makes me always happy and pleased while working with such a professional agency like AdMedica.

Dr. Ahmed Essam

Superb Dental Center

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